Patients registered as a Carer

Patients registered as a Carer with the Practice will receive support of our ‘Carer’s Prescription’

The pandemic has placed considerable emotional and practical demands on family carers. It has also highlighted the importance of registering as a carer with your GP Practice.

After signing up to this list, your GP can also identify the effects caring can have on your health (physical and mental) and wellbeing, such as depression, stress, high blood pressure or pain. It is important that you look after your own health and accept any treatment as ultimately you will not be able to look after someone else without first looking after yourself.

‘Carer’s Prescription’

As an identified Carer on the Practice Register, we can:

  • link you in with our designated ‘Carer’s Champion’ for support
  • assist you with any physical health issues related to your caring role, like tiredness
  • provide you with a free annual health check
  • make you aware of the Carer’s Flu Jab each year
  • talk to you about your mental health and the impact of your caring role
  • provide you with general information and advice
  • link you in with our social prescriber for support and signposting to health and social care services
  • Involvement in the care planning of the person diagnosed (with consent)
  • refer you to helpful organisations and services that can improve your caring situation
  • give you flexible appointments at times that suit you
  • possibility to arrange ‘double’ appointments at convenient times for both you and the person you care for to avoid having to visit the surgery twice
  • refer you for a Carer’s Break payment if your caring role is impacting your health, potentially meaning you can take a break.